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Dev Garason
Aug 14, 2019
In Lorell Plays
I have just recently got back into Dayz, it has improved significantly. If anyone is interested in teaming up on the server I have been playing on let me know.
Dev Garason
Dec 16, 2018
In Lorell Plays
Kae asked me to look at setting up an Arma server again. I could do so very easily. I just need to know those who would be interested in playing. I have Arma + every single DLC so I can get some awesome stuff set up for us. Plus I can go one of two ways. I can set up a typical Arma server were it would essentially be us vs what ever faction, or I could set us up with Altis life which is essentially a Life sim. Get a job make money break the law with cops vs robbers type setting.

Dev Garason

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