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Clark "Broadsword" Eagle


I am a retired Naval Captain, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Archer, Fair Weather Cyclist, Crime Novel reader, DC Comic Book Reader occasional writer and definitely a Grey Gamer.

Games I have liked Freelancer, Command and Conquer, Mass Effect (except Andromeda) and Skyrim. Now devoted to and an original backer of Star Citizen.

I am new to Role Play but am enjoying it immensely, although sometimes I can feel out of my depth.


Lieutenant Clark "Broadsword" Eagle RLN Chief of Staff to CNO

A retired UEEN Captain, whose Father, an itinerant explorer come cargo runner, went missing in 2932, leaving him and his Twin Sister a substantial sum.

His Naval Career led him to a situation where he had to help out a Lorell Transport group. His conversations with them and the apparent news blackout on the group made him curious and when he eventually retired he sought them out…

Broadswords CV (Résumé)

Clark “Broadsword” Eagle

Age: 35

2914 Born Terra (6th August)

2931 Joined UEE Navy as Midshipman

2934 Qualified as Hornet Pilot promoted Lieutenant

Assigned to 36 Squadron

2942 Promoted Lieutenant Commander

Assigned XO 36 Squadron on board Idris class “Annie Jump Cannon”

2945 Battlefield Promotion to Commander and CO 36 Squadron

2946 Promoted to Captain and given Command of Idris class “Clyde Tombaugh”

2947 Resigned Commission as Star Citizen

2948 Followed leads to find Lorell was introduced by Doctor Aelyrya Payne

2949 Applied for Citizenship within Lorell and accepted.

2949 Applied for Republic of Lorell Navy and accepted. (23rd April)

Specialisation: Pilot / Warfare Officer

Command at Squadron and Capital Ship level.

I have taken Temporary Acting Command of RLS Scipio after the breakdown of the Commanding Officer and RLS Vengeance on her Shakedown cruise until relieved by Captain Brackstone.

After that I was the Executive Officer of RLNS Accord whilst awaiting my Lorell Citizenship to come through.

Current Rank and Position:

Lieutenant RLN.

Chief of Staff to Chief of Naval Operations Admiral G Pope.


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