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History of Lorell

Survivors of a Government-sanctioned massacre; a remnant of a colony long forgotten; a fleet seeking a new beginning

Lorell was a young, but proud frontier colony, founded at the height of the Messer era. Though small and remote, its extensive network of mines and its many ordnance factories commanded the respect and co-operation of a number of neighboring systems, giving it considerable pull throughout the surrounding sector and, to a lesser degree, the galactic community as a whole. Though Lorelli munitions accounted for just a small percentage of those used by the UEEN during the Second Tevarin War, it was nevertheless considered an important military asset and access in and out of the Lorelli system was tightly controlled throughout the war.

After the war ended, Lorell faced a sharp economic decline and, feeling as though they had been used and discarded, was among the first worlds to secretly pledge support to anti-Messer elements within the United Empire of Earth. While the Lorelli Government, on the face of things, encouraged UEE unification and fought to bring back support from them, they also planned for separation; independence for Lorell, and encouraged anti-UEE protests from the shadows in a bid to get Lorelli recognition and support because of the disgusting treatment and abandonment of their people. Lorell's mines and refineries were expanded despite gross losses and its factories churned out munitions by the thousands, pushing distribution to neighbours and independents alike in order to survive. Small, neighboring colonies began their own preparations, some of them armed with Lorelli weaponry.

The intent had never been to start a war; only to highlight an oppressive regime and seek separation from it to better the fortunes of the planet. But the UEE did not see it that way.

The Messer response was swift and merciless, targeting the heart of the fledgling resistance; Lorell itself. The Lorelli fleet, little more than a band of armed merchant vessels and planetary security craft, could not compete with a massive force that had gained its veterancy in two bloody wars with the Tevarin. Within a single Earth day, Lorell fell, its settlements and factories reduced to cinder and ash. The Lorell Alliance, as it had recently come to be called, crumbled, with even the most loyal of Lorell's allies falling backing into line. Purged from the annals of history, the remote colony, its valuable contributions during the Second Tevarin War and its failed attempt at resisting an oppressive regime, was soon forgotten.

The heavy bombardment of their homeworld resulted in a disaster of cataclysmic proportions. Lorell itself, having been subjected to extensive mining for well over a century, cracked and then shattered under the intense pressure, destroying much of the orbiting UEE fleet and sending its two moons spiralling out of orbit. Despite the carnage, three disparate groups of transports and freighters packed full with Lorelli survivors managed to escape the system, the act of which was followed by the destabilisation of Lorell's lone jump point.

Pursued through the collapsing jump point by the remnants of the decimated UEE task force, the last vestiges of Lorelli civilization were scattered among the far reaches of the known galaxy; unable to be reunited again for over three centuries. However, running through the veins of their descendants is a relentless spirit and an undying will to not only survive, but thrive. Their hope to once again unite and re-establish a colony beyond the UEE's reach shines as brightly as the stars themselves.

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By joining Lorell, we ask that you abide by the following:

Mission Statement

The Republic of Lorell aims to provide a stable and progressive organisation for players to achieve their potential within the universe of Star Citizen, whether this be through actively engaging in content, content creation or roleplaying.

Code of Conduct

1)Hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated. (This includes but is not limited to, racism, sexism and inflammatory remarks).

2) You will not engage in illegal activity that would endanger the organisation or damage it's reputation, e.g. Hacking, Stalking of players in meat-space.
3)You will abide by the terms of service set out by CiG.
4)Final decisions on anything that affects the organisation as an OOC entity, whether this stems from OOC or IC, rests in the hands of the Admin or their appointed rep.
5)By joining, you (the player) agree to the terms of this and the IC charter. Your character, however, may disagree with the IC charter, if you so wish.

Expectations – The Four Pillars
We understand that you may have friends outside of the Republic that you want to spend time with, we recognize that the Republic may not be your only organization and have no problem with that (subject to the rules on resident alien status and affiliation). However at all times we do expect a certain amount of loyalty to the Republic. Violations of this could include, but are not limited to, giving away fleet locations, talking about ongoing military operations, giving away locations to resource or salvage locations that are considered to be claimed by the Republic, and other locations found by scan downs done during official Lorelli operations. If you are unsure if the information you have is considered sensitive to the Republic, please feel free to ask.
Duty: Regardless of your position within the Republic you may at times either take on or be assigned responsibilities; this may range from planning fleet combat tactics to finding resources for processing, or simply aiding new members in orienting to the verse. We do ask that you complete these tasks to the best of your ability, but understand that for many reasons it may not be possible. It may be beyond your ability, real life may interfere (Real Life Comes First, Gaming Second) or perhaps you volunteered and later realized you just didn’t realize how much was involved. If nothing else it is your duty to report that you cannot complete the task or not in the timeline that was given. This is not to embarrass anyone or to stress you out, this is simply so we know to either have someone else work on it or perhaps take a different route altogether.
Respect: Some of our members will have characters that do not get along, it’s in their nature and that is wonderful, it helps evolve a character, and one of the freedoms of this Republic is to voice your thoughts and opinions. With that being said it should be done in a respectful manner (In character disagreements are understood but even then there may be story driven consequences) and at a certain point it should be brought to a close when the issue is resolved.
Mentoring: There are countless things to learn in the verse as it expands and the main way that the Republic stays on top of this is for each member to teach the others what they know. You are expected to teach other Lorelli if you are able. From learning the most basic flight controls, to the more complex combat manoeuvres or mining techniques, we must be willing to assist one another and we are only as skilled as our least experienced member.

OOC Guild Ranks and Duties
The OOC rank structure for the organisation features Pope and Kae heading up the Administrative team. Recruitment is headed up by Pascal, with multimedia, publicity and promotion dealt with by Aelyrya. Other officers may be appointed as and when necessary for the smooth functioning of the guild.

Guild Bank and Taxation
The Organisation will be subject to appropriate taxation, funds to be held in trust by the administration of the guild and used solely for the purposes of betterment of the guild and it's members.

Recruitment Policy
All recruitment is handled on a case by case basis. Candidates are welcome to approach an officer or an officer is just as likely to approach an individual or organisation. Following an interview and upon acceptance a recruit is usually subject to a 2 week probationary period before becoming a full member. Interviews may be held in character or out of character dependent on circumstance.

The charter is subject to addition and amendment by the organisation administration at any time. All alterations will be announced.

The facts
The mission


One day, they will have a home again. A nation of conscience. A nation where no voice goes unheard. A nation where justice prevails and freedom reigns.

  1. Maintain independence

  2. Resist UEE corruption and tyranny

  3. Resolve to be as self-sufficient as possible

  4. Move forward always and remain ever vigilant

  5. Seek out the descendants of the original Lorelli colonists

  6. Shelter and support the disillusioned and discontent of the UEE

  7. Discover a world outside UEE jurisdiction to call home and establish a colony

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