The Lorelli Military is seeking steadfast and loyal personnel to join the ranks for the purpose of defending the Republic and its citizens. By joining the Lorelli military you will enter into a career where dedication, loyalty and honor are prized. Choose from becoming a fighter pilot, a crewman on a flagship or aim for the position of an officer.

The life of a civilian is no less exciting than that of a member of the military, and Lorell is seeking those who may be less inclined to hold a gun to join them in achieving their goal of becoming a self-sustaining colony. Join one of the many business crews that already make up the Republic, or set up your own. Whether you are interested in science, medical, mining or salvage, there is something for you here.


To join the Republic of Lorell, please fill in the Application Form below. You can join our Spectrum page HERE and visit our Discord server HERE


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