Have a few pennies or cents to spare? Consider donating it to the Republic's Org Treasury! Every donation helps us acquire more in-game hardware, keep this and other resources active for our Citizenry, and provide sponsorships for future citizens that may not have the resources available to enjoy the game. This treasury also helps to fund the Republic's presence at Conventions and events by helping to pay for table space, marketing materials and web presence.

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CitizenCon 2949

PayPal allows you to control how much you donate and when, though there is a small processing fee taken from the amount you donate.

Ko-fi allows you to donate in small amounts based around the price of a take-out coffee! The transactions are one-off and you can buy us as many coffees as you like!

Patreon allows repeat donations in return for rewards. Current rewards are limited, but it allows you to send the same amount each month without having to remember to pay!


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