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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of FAQs to help you get involved with the Republic

1) What are the goals of the Republic?
To find and colonise a new home world. To become self sufficient and to provide a safe haven for our citizenry.


2) What kinds of membership are there in the Republic?
You may apply for either Full Citizenship (member of Lorell only) or status as a Resident Alien (affiliate). The relative benefits of each type of membership are covered in depth elsewhere.

3) Who leads the Republic?
OOC the organisation is lead by a pair of administrators , Pope and Kae. They are aided by a small support staff comprising a handful of organisation members.
IC the Military forces are lead by Admirals Pope and Tavik, while the civilian government is lead by a Council headed up by an elected official. Currently, Kaetha Amathi serves as the elected Speaker of the Council.

4) What kind of events do you host?

The Republic hosts a variety of events! Racing, skirmishes, swarm, Twitch, contests, RP only, and even events outside of the SC universe. With a population as diverse as ours, it's a pretty good bet someone will join you in your interests.

5) What are the roles and duties of the Council?

The Council of Lorell functions similarly to any conventional council. They oversee the governance of the Republic. They manage it's laws and policy and are responsible for the well being of the citizenry

6) What are the roles and duties of the Speaker of the Council?

The Speaker is the head of the council, the closest analogue would be a chairman or something similar to a president.

7) When are new seats added to the Council of Captains?

New seats are added in one of two ways. Either the overall population of Lorell increases by at least 20 citizens. Every 20 citizens equals one seat) or a determination is made that a new Secretary is needed to run a specific department. This means you can either be voted in, or appointed.

8) How often are Council of Lorell elections held?

Currently, Elections are held once every calendar year. This will most likely change as we grow in size

9) How can I run for a seat on the Council of Captains?

When elections are called, you can be nominated to run for a seat on the council or you can nominate yourself.

10) How can I make a company in the Republic?

To form a company, please contact the Secretary of Commerce, or look on the website under the Department of Commerce. There is a brief application for a business license. Fill it out, turn it in and your first steps towards economic prosperity have begun!

11) Do we pay taxes?

Yes, Citizens and Resident Aliens are required to pay taxes.

12) What services are covered by those taxes?

Taxes pay for a variety of services in the Republic. Fuel, weapon and repair subsidies, Health Care, future ship acquisition, salaries for military, free military escorts, contract payments. If it has to be bought and paid for, your taxes are probably going towards it.

13) How much does it cost to book a military escort?

For Citizens and Resident Aliens, booking a military escort is free of charge.

14) How do I enter the Military?

If you are interested in joining the military, contact ADM Pope. She will conduct a brief interview to determine which service and which role best suits your skill set, the differences between life as a civilian and a military member, then assign you to a class in TRADOC.

15) Do military members get paid for their service, or is it voluntary?

Military members are paid a salary. It is their profession, like salvage, mining, or any other career in the verse.

16) How are military ranks awarded.

Military ranks are awarded based on merit. All members graduating from TRADOC are assigned the rank of O-1 for Officers and E-1 for enlisted. They remain as such for a period of no less than 30 days. After that, ranks are usually awarded in successive order depending upon contributions, participation, demonstrated leadership traits, billet availability and time in service. In short, promotions are merit based. The Admiralty, however, reserves the right to promote any service member at any time.

17) Can I use my own ships in the military?

Yes, although depending on the make-up of your assigned units, or mission at hand, you may be issued a different ship to use.

18) If I own a multi-crew ship and want to enlist, can I retain command of the ship?

This is a tricky question. We do have a policy that we will never tell a Citizen that they cannot use a ship they purchased with their own money. However, we also have a policy that a Command Role will not automatically be awarded to someone simply because they brought a multi-crew ship to the table. We strive very hard to simulate as close to a real military atmosphere as we can. That means Command Billets are earned. As such , that leaves two options: A) Lend or lease your multi-crew ship to the government until you are of sufficient rank to Command it, or B) Use your multi-crew ship in a civilian capacity until such time that you are of sufficient military rank to command it. This, along with all of our other policies, are constantly examined and tweaked to try to maintain a balance between realism and enjoyment.

These FAQs and answers were correct at the time of publishing and may be amended at any time.

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