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Department of Science and Exploration


The Department of Science and Exploration encompasses a multitude of academic and professional areas, including, not not limited to, botany, agriculture, biology, physics, tech development, cartography and chemistry. The DSE also works alongside the Department of Medicine and Welfare to further medical research and cybernetic enhancement, and is also the first point of call during CivSec investigations, where our labs are used for forensic and crime scene analysis. The Department is home to the Lorell Academy of Science and Exploration, located on the RLS Serapis, and the Paradise Project, also known as RLS Aaru, an Endeavor of Biodomes purely for the purpose of researching, cataloging and cultivating exotic flora.

Director of Science and Exploration: Dr Aelyrya Payne

Assistant Head of Department (Science): Vacant

Assistant Head of Department (Agriculture): Vacant

Assistant Head of Department (Exploration): Tzemela Arthemiz

Assistant Head of Department (Tech Development): Vacant

Liaison for Combined Department of Medical Research: Vacant

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