We Survived!
The Conference Room
Stall 1
Stall 2
Stall 3
Aely and Pas
Bad Camera Zoom!!!
Tzeme BoothBabes!
Oooo! Signed Stuff!
The Dogfighting Championship
Luke and Aely
Thomas and Kae
The Streamers
Full-Size Crates
The Panel Table
Hello BritizenCon!
Mici and Aely
Zok and Pas
Bands from the Day!
Aely and Ulf
Myz, Antan, Mac and Myre
Aely, Moe and Kae
Aely and Aeloy!!! :-D
Moist_Noodle and Aely
Cameron and Aely
Pas Hugs Cameron!!!
Zok, Pas, Cameron and Kae
Woohoo! Group Photo!
Myz and Aely
BarCitizen @ Tatton Arms
Morning-After Brunch!
All The Sugar...

BritizenCon 2018

April 20th-22nd

Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport

Photos by Aelyrya Payne


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