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Want To See Lorell At CitizenCon?!

The Republic of Lorell is putting together a proposal for consideration for a Booth at this year's CitizenCon event in Manchester. Everyone on the Admin team is very excited by the prospect of taking the Org to a bigger audience, and plans are now underway to get the proposal as professional as possible.

An official statement from the MMD says,

"We know it's not going to be easy. We're not a big group like Test or ADI, but what we lack in numbers, we make up for in community spirit. And we believe that's what CiG are really looking for!"

Fundraising for the event has officially opened, and can be found at

New options for donation have been added, meaning that anyone looking to help Lorell to build a better Org can choose the method that's best for them, and to make things interesting, Admiral Pope, Admin and Chief of Naval Operations, has vowed to match every donation made until the total matched donations equals $250!

"Every single dollar raised helps this place."

Pope stated, adding:

"Ask yourself. Is what you get from here worth at least a dollar?"

More news on the matter will be released soon.

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